Welcome to Momma Cow Adventures!  Are you looking for some amazing ideas and for fun activities to fill your day with?  Are you looking for information or help to make your life a little easier?  If your answers to any of these questions is yes, then you have come to the right place!

We are a family of 4 humans and 1 dog who love coming up with new ideas to make life easier and more fun!  Follow us as we adventure through the good and bad parts of life.

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About Me

People call me Nichole and I am a stay at home/ work from home mom who resides in Central Alberta, Canada.  I am a farm girl who was raised on a beef farm with a variety of other animals.  The majority of my youth was spent being actively involved in 4-H, skating, volunteering, and working both on and off the farm.  I was an avid public speaker and helped others learn in a variety of ways.  When I was 17 I started college, working toward a degree in education.  After completing two years of Early Childhood Education I decided it was not exactly what I wanted in life.  After that starting a job in interior design and progressing into sales allowed me to work toward a promising career and saving money for a family.  After a few years in sales I went on maternity leave to have my daughter and that brings us to today!

In 2011 I met my husband and we fell in love almost instantly.  We both love being outdoors and pride ourselves on being hard workers.  My husband loves trying new foods, travel, his job and his family!  Today our world revolves around our two young children who amaze us each day.  Our daughter is a fun loving, crazy two and a half year old.  She loves animals, learning, “being an adult” and any kind of adventure.  Our son just turned 5 months old he is the sweetest little boy.  He loves cuddling, smiling, his puppy (Buck) and more than anything his big sister.   Our goal is to guide them into being excellent citizens who live brightly, love boldly and laugh every day.  I couldn’t imagine life without my family.